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Rural Hotel for sale

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Rural Hotel for sale Córdoba (Córdoba), € 985.000,-

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  • large_AWVADP355_12032_V0_1EF3.jpg
  • large_AWVADP355_12033_V0_83D7.jpg
  • large_AWVADP355_12034_V0_08B7.jpg
  • large_AWVADP355_12035_V0_EF81.jpg
  • large_AWVADP355_12022_V0_145F.jpg
  • large_AWVADP355_12036_V0_E037.jpg
  • large_AWVADP355_12039_V0_C97E.jpg
  • large_AWVADP355_12040_V0_B804.jpg
  • Bedrooms: 10
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • Plot size: 15000 m²
  • Build size: 1120 m²
  • Pool: Private
  • Garden: Private
  • Parking: Ample Parking

(Ref. 800660)

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Accommodation composed of a semi-basement, ground floor and first floor, with a total built area of nine hundred and seventy-five square metres. The semi-basement floor is distributed into bedroom and bathroom, with a built area of sixty metres square. The ground floor is distributed into a storeroom, kitchen, living room, library, porch, lavatories and mill, with a built surface of five hundred and forty metres square.
And the first floor is distributed into seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, laundry and free space, with a built surface of three hundred and seventy-four metres square.

HOUSING composed of a ground floor and first floor, with a total built area of one hundred and forty-eight square metres. The ground floor is distributed into a living room, kitchen, boiler room and toilet. And the first floor is distributed in two bedrooms, bathroom and distributor,

In addition to the above, the accommodation has an outdoor car park for customers, with a maximum capacity of about 20 vehicles. It also has a swimming pool which is maintained throughout the year. The water supply is by means of a well that supplies in sufficient flow the needs of the accommodation. It also has five tanks of approximately 50,000 liters.

It has air conditioning, central heating, electricity, telephone and alarm system. Corporate e-mail. Own domain. E-Marketing

The accommodation consists of 4 double rooms with 2 single beds per room, 4 triple rooms and a Master Suite. All the rooms are equipped with individual bathrooms, air conditioning with hot and cold pump, safe and central heating.
On the first floor there are eight rooms, each different and individually decorated in a classic and elegant style. There is a room fitted out for people with reduced mobility.

There is a restaurant, open 365 days a year to the general public, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, with a maximum capacity of 50 people. The appropriate permits and licenses are in force.



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References 800660

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